It's That Time Of Year!

Nov 19, 2013 1 Comments
It's That Time Of Year!

It's November 18th.  That means that not only is Thanksgiving right around the corner (yummmm), but December holidays (and Christmas movie re-runs) and all of the other good stuff too! 


It means that the end of the year is creeping up, and New Years Resolutions and champagne will be here to guide us into a whole new year.  Well, lets not get ahead of ourselves, eh?


Last time we wrote a bit about some of our saddle bags and bike tool rolls, and I think today we're going to talk about a few gift ideas, and maybe even a sneak peak into our Black Friday and Cycling Cyber Monday Sales ideas.  Lets go!  

Gift Ideas for Cyclists

Choosing presents for your family and friends can be tricky.  That's why we're making a short list of gift ideas that your cyclist is sure to love.


1. Surname Cycling - Handcrafted Cycling Goods Handmade in New York City (Starting at $75)


Surname Cycling makes some amazing Handcrafted goods for cyclists in New York City.  We personally love their original wooden fenders, but you can find some other really cool items in their store.  If you know a cyclist that likes quality, original, handmade goods, Surname Cycling is a great place to start. 



Check out this video for a short back story and sweet footage of their shop in NYC! 


 2. Specialty Helmets from Eleanor's NYC (Starting at $90)


These awesome helmets can be a bit pricey, but they are an unforgettable gift.  Super high quality, original helmets that will protect the cyclist in your life for years to come.  Imagine riding around with original artwork on your head?  Yeah.  It's cool.  Check out some other sweet styles here


3.  Handmade Recycled Bike Tube Saddlebags and Cycling Hip Pouches (Starting at $35)



We work with Vaya Bags in New York City, and their collection of handmade, upcycled bags from bike inner tubes is a favorite among cyclists.  We carry hip pouches, saddle bags, and handlebar bags (like the one pictured above), and if you pick up two out of the three they'll ship for free.  Super high quality, durable and waterproof stuff that your cyclist will be stoked to ride around with!


4. Handmade/Custom Bicycle Bells! (Starting at $8) 

So, we're not going to get to specific on this one.  If you do a solid search on Etsy you'll find a great selection of handmade and custom bells for bicycles.  These could be a great stocking stuffer (if you're into that sort of thing) and an awesome way to show someone how much you really know about their personality.  



5. Lobster Claw Gloves (Starting at $40)

This might feel a bit out of our theme, but we can's getting cold outside, and these will keep you warm no matter how low the temperature dips!  Especially on longer commutes, your hands are the first to get cold--hit hard by the wind while grasping your handlebars.  A good set of gloves will keep not just your hands warm...but, you're heart too.  :) 



These gloves keep your two most sensitive fingers together so they stay warm throughout your ride! Oh, and this set is compatible with touch screens, so you don't even have to take them off to type that text to mom. 


6. Handmade Backpacks and Messenger Bags for Cyclists (Starting at $79)



This post (clearly) wouldn't be complete without a few shameless plugs.  And there's no shame here.  We've got some amazing handmade bags.  This one pictured above by Mer Bags is one of our favorites.  It's got a ton of room, its super comfortable, and handmade in Brooklyn, NY.  

We have quite a few options for messenger bags and backpacks.  But these are just two of our favorites.  Browse our selection to find something that would make the perfect gift (or something for you, maybe?).

This one pictured above by Vaya Bags is the last one of it's kind.  Literally, there is only one left--and we have it.  Do you want it?  Oh, we know you do.


7. Easy to Use Bike Lights -- Blackburn Voyager 3.3 (Starting at $45)


Bike lights are important for any cyclist.  Most already have a set, but another pair never hurts.  Having a back up for when one goes dead or the battery goes is never a bad idea, and many cyclists like to ride with more than one pair for extra visibility.


A pair of bike lights that are easy to mount, and also easy to carry along with you are optimal.  Check out this set and others from Blackburn for some ideas!




What gift ideas do you have for cyclists?  Or as a cyclist what are you looking for?


Black Friday & Cycling Cyber Monday Preview!

We're thinking of running a few different promotions for the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year.  (It's our first year open for this, so we're pretty excited!)  If you have any ideas for us, let us know.  But, these are our thoughts thus far:


1)  2 Days of 20% off of ALL Messenger Bags & Backpacks (Up to $40+ OFF!)


2)  2 Days $10 off of ALL orders over $50 and $20 off of ALL orders over $100!


3) 2 Days of 15% off of ALL cycling accessories 


These are just ideas we're tossing around.  What do you think?


We want to make the end of the year awesome for you.  We want you to get what you need and get some amazing one of a kind products.  Check back here for more information on handmade cycling goods from us and other companies around the US!