Today we thought it'd be cool to feature a few products that have been BIG favorites among our customers (YOU GUYZ!). We're only picking a few, so these are the top of the pops! 


1. Road Runner Bags Bike Tool Roll

Handmade Bike Tool Roll

You don't say? No, we do say!  These tool rolls are so popular, and we know why: they're awesome.  How do you get the perfect mix between handmade, US made, durable, waterproof, and sexy for such a dope price?  It's not easy, but Road Runner Bags really pulls it off.  We carry them in 4 styles--black, olive, pink and backwoods camo--so there's no shortage of style either.  Get one to match your steed. 


2. Vaya Bags Bicycle Pannier & Backpack Hybrid

Handmade Bike Pannier

These are really pretty, and super functional packs handmade in Queens.  Perfect for snapping on and off of your ride, it doesn't get much easier or cooler when your traveling to and from the gym, work or school.  Load up your books, change of clothes, U-lock, and laptop and ride into the sunset (or something like that).


3. Road Runner Bags Sandwich Phone Wallet

 Handmade Bike Wallet

Super new to the store, this snazzy phone wallet won't do you dirty.  PERFECT for those rides where you just need a couple bucks for a coffee, this thing can store your keys, phone and cards, stick it in your Jersey pocket and ride.  


What types of products are you looking for or riding with now?  What are your favorites?  We're always looking to find and stock new stuff!