What Is Bike Commuting?

May 15, 2014 0 Comments
What Is Bike Commuting?

In honor of National Bike Month, Bike To Work Week and Bike To Work Day, we're posting all about bike commuting.  The fact is that many people don't even know what bike commuting is and that's why we're here to the rescue. 

Learn about bike commuting, learn why to bike commute, and how to get started during National Bike Month my people!


To start, what is commuting?

Commuting is to traveling a distance between your home and your place of work.  You can commute any number of ways--driving your car, walking, taking the bus, train, ferry, kayak, plane, or whatever!  And then of course there's BIKE COMMUTING!


Bike Commuting is getting to and fro your place of work using your bike.  Cycling to work is a great way to get exercise, and travel distances that might be a little too long to walk, but aren't to hard to bike between.  Biking is also a ton of fun, and is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. 


The best part, is that once you get started you can start to take your bike everywhere: to work, to school, to the supermarket, to friends houses and more!  It gets to be a ton of fun and amazing exercise!


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding bike commuting:


1. What is a reasonable bike commute distance? 

That really depends a lot on your experience, what type of city or town your traveling in, and how motivated you are to ride!  Most people would agree that somewhere between 5-10 miles is a reasonable bike commute in 1 direction.  This commute would take you between 30 minutes and an hour, wouldn't be too strenuous, or getcha to sweaty, and get's you a great amount of fresh air! 


Keep in mind that over 10 miles is very common as well, and some people even do up to commute by bike 40 miles+.  If you're worried about the length, take some rides over the weekend, map out your route and test it out before committing to the full ride during the week.

2. What type of bike is good for bike commuting? 

If you're riding in the city, a road bike is probably your best bet.  A road bike is good for paved city roads, and will get you to and from your place of work the most efficiently.  Many people like to ride a single speed or fixed gear bike in the city too because these bikes are lighter, and have less maintenance.  However, a geared bike could be best if you're riding on big hills, or varied terrain.

If you'll be riding across rocky or sandy areas, you might want to consider going with a Mountain or Hybrid bike.  If it's very rocky/sandy or you'll even be riding through the woods or mountains, a mountain bike is your best bet. 

With varied terrain, hills, rocks, streets, etc a hybrid bike will be great.  This is also a more comfortable bike on shorter commutes and for people who many not be used to riding with a road bike. 

3. What else do I need to commute besides a bike?

Here's a good starter checklist:

  1. Bike lights - rear and front
  2. Bike Bell for your handlebars
  3. Helmet - best to ride safe :)
  4. Bike Bag - you'll need either a messenger bag, backpack or pannier to carry your essentials
  5. A change of clothes (only if it might be rainy, or may get sweaty)
  6. A U-Lock - at least bring 1 lock with you at all times, never know when you'll need to park outside
  7. A tune up - if you don't know too much about bikes, get a tune up to check your breaks, chain, cables, etc. 
  8. HAVE FUN!!

All of this is not 100% essential, but this will make you feel comfortable when you get out on the road.  Hit up your local bike shop and ask for suggestions, and of course check out our dope selection of cycling bags and ask us if you have any questions. 


Are you commuting by bike?  Did you participate in bike to work day or do you have any other questions on bike commuting?  Suggestions for someone getting started?  Comment below!