Best Cycling Wallets

Jun 16, 2014 0 Comments
Best Cycling Wallets

For the bike commuter, stuff in your pickets isn't always optimal.  Keeping things simple, and minimalistic can be helpful for a comfortable ride, or having something that keeps you organized on a longer ride without over-carrying is great. 


A good cycling wallet goes a long way!  When we look around for the best cycling wallet, a few things come to mind: comfort, waterproof-i-ness, and of!


Here are a few we love from Road Runner Bags


1) The Sandwich Wallet - $25.00 Handmade in LA


Cycling Phone Wallet


The Sandwich Wallet is just full of dope features (and a little bigger than the next one), that aid in keeping your things in one place and well organized.  Totally waterproof you can load it with your phone (iPhone or Android accepted :), keys, credit cards, and cash--then stash it in one of your pockets or jersey pocket for a longer ride on the road. 


The clear vinyl sleeve allows you to touch right through it for use of your touch screen phone, this way you don't even need to remove it for use.  Easily change songs, return texts, and ride well with one of these sweet babies. 

This wallet is also handmade  our of Cordura fabric by Road Runner Bags in LA, so it's hard to find anything better than that.  Support handmade, American made bike companies!


2) The Cycling Wallet - $15 Handmade in LA


Cycling Wallet


The Cycling Wallet is the way you want to go for a super compact and lightweight wallet to ride with. Easily put some cash and credit cards in here for a good ride.  You can hook this to your belt with the nylon webbing on the back to keep it out of your pocket entirely.

The thin design keeps it deep in your pockets so you don't have to worry about where your wallet is when you're enjoying an awesome ride. 

By the way, it's also made form waterproof Cordura so don't stress about your cash getting we either. 


What do you like to ride with?  A wallet, hip bag, or saddlebag maybe? Tell us about how you carry your wallet, cards, keys and phone on your bike!