Why Buy Handmade?

Jul 07, 2014 0 Comments
Why Buy Handmade?

There are a lot of reasons to buy handmade.  It's actually pretty hard to think of reasons NOT to buy handmade- but of course this isn't a blog post about why not to buy handmade so we're not even going to think about that. (Was that a run-on sentence?)

If you're here, you probably already want to buy handmade goods, but let's go through a few quick good reasons. Then you can share some of yours!


1. You're getting something direct from the handcraft-er / artist who created it

Every time you buy something handmade, you've got something that someone personally put a lot of energy into creating.  From planning it and testing it out (with prototypes and stuff) to sourcing the best materials and putting something out there for others.

Generally, it's also something that they've found other people needed because it filled a need of there own.  This cycling cell phone pouch for example, is something created by Road Runner that can not only fit on your backpack strap, but on your handlebars, or belt.  A creative tool that filled a need.

2. Quality

It's really simple. When you buy handmade, you're usually getting the highest quality you can get.  That's one of the things we're most proud of our bike bags

Handmade often means that someone took the time to source the best raw materials, use the best stitching, and the best techniques to create it.  It's not all done in a factory, or on an assembly line.  It's something special.

Something created to last you a lifetime.

3. Something Unique

A great thing about buying handmade is that you're really getting something unique.  It's really a representation of where it was made, who made it and why.  For example, our messenger bags from Vaya Bags which are handmade in New York using locally sourced recycled sailboat cloth.  Or our Mer Bags Waxed Canvas Roll Top Backpack also handmade, each one a little different than the next.

Getting something that's also supporting the local community, is a great reason to think about purchasing handmade goods!

handmade bike backpack

Why do you buy handmade?

There are so many reasons, share them with us below.  Not only bike bags can be made by hand (like local foods, and jewelry) , so what do you like to purchase handmade?