Cycling Hip Bags & Waist Pouches

Jul 30, 2014 0 Comments
Cycling Hip Bags & Waist Pouches

Bike Hip Bag w/ U-lock holster

There are a lot of different, really great accessories that you can find out there to help you carry things better on your bike.  Be it a cell phone pouch, pannier, saddlebag, or even a rack bag or basket for your bike, there is one that can really stand out in many situations: the cycling hip bag.

The reason that this can be so useful is because on certain rides, where you don't need to carry to much, a waist pack can help you carry just a few essentials extremely comfortably.  Don't throw anything on your back or weigh down your bike with a bag, instead you can just use a simple waist pouch to carry your cell phone, wallet, keys and a snack for those rides around town.

The beautiful thing about a bike hip pouch is that they can be very light, waterproof, and also contain the perfect spot for your U-lock when you need to lock up outside of your favorite coffee shop :) (I mean, right?!) 

Here are some of the hip bags we carry, and a couple quick features of each.

1. Road Runner Bags Cycling Hip Pouch 

This bag has a few great features, including an amazing spot for your U-Lock, being fully waterproof, and of course handmade in LA. 

  • Handmade in California
  • Fully waterproof
  • Mini U-Lock holster
  • Key Ring
  • Dual-belt loops maximum comfort

Here's a really cool video of Brad from road runner bags, making one of these awesome hip bags in their old studio.  Since then they've upgrade since they've been blowing up!  Everyone loves a good Road Runner Bag.  

2. Vaya Bags Recycled Bike Tubes Hip Bag

Cycling Hip Bag

This one is made by hand by Vaya Bags out of recycled bike tubes!  Upcycled bike tubes, fully waterproof, comfortable and stylish!  Yep, they're awesome.

  • Handmade from recycled bike tubes
  • Completely Waterproof
  • 2 belt loops helps this fit comfortably and secure

 3. Road Runner Bags Cycling Waist Pack

Bike Waist Pack

This is a genius bag by road runner bags!  Just a bit bigger than it's younger brother, using a waterproof YKK zipper instead of velcro and an adjustable U-Lock holster.  Hold your cell phone, wallet, keys, tubs and more!  Read the reviews for some ideas of what you can throw into this sweet baby!

  • Insanely comfortable!
  • Large enough to fit your needs without being too big for your hip
  • Made with waterproof 1000D Cordura Fabric
  • Compression straps for your U-lock
  • Color: Black
  • Handmade in California
  • 100% Vegan



That's all we got!  Do you currently use a waist pack?  If so what do you have?  Let us know what you like and what you're looking for! 


- Team