What is a bike saddlebag?

Aug 10, 2014 0 Comments
What is a bike saddlebag?

Cycling Tool Roll

When you begin to bike more and more, you start to look around for new and easy ways to carry around the things that you need.  I know, that's why we love bike bags. 

One awesome way to carry around a few things is by using a saddlebag.  A bicycle saddlebag is a bag that hooks under your bike seat, often times using some nylon webbing and some clips, or velcro straps.  

Bike saddle bags can be used to carry anywhere from a couple of your necessary bike tools, like a multi-tool, tire levers, and bike tubes, to a water bottle, your cell phone, wallet and more.  

Everyone looks for a little something different when looking for a good bike accessory, so consider the following when you're looking for yours:

  • What will you be using it for?
  • Are you a bike commuter or a cyclist or triathlete going out for long rides?
  • How many items do I need to carry?
  • Is style important or just size/weight?

Then go through this check list and decide what would work best for you:

What to look for in a saddle bag:  

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Materials 
  • Attachment system
  • Waterproof or water resistant
  • Color/Style
  • Closing system (zipper, velcro, roll up, etc)

What saddlebag will work best for me?

Bike Saddle Bag

If you just need to carry a few bike tools, to help you change a flat tire when that happens, then a bike tool roll or something like the drafter saddle bag could be your best bet. These ones will also hug to your seat more than some other saddlebags out there that might carry more, but swing. 

If you're interested in something that's got a bit more space and style, that you could fit your bike tools and/or your cell phone, wallet, a snack for your destination and a bit more, then try a saddle bag like this one by Vaya Bags. 

You can also find some pretty great large bike saddlebags and seat bags out there that are handmade of waterproof cloth.  We're looking to get something like this soon if possible :)

All of our saddlebags are waterproof, and we have a range of sizes and colors that you can pick from.  The ones we carry also use a more minimalistic approach, trying to avoid zippers and other closing systems or attachment systems that can easily break or malfunction. 

What are you looking for in a bicycle saddle bag or tool roll? What do you use now? Tell us in the comments below!