Introducing Cycling Apparel at!

Sep 06, 2014 0 Comments
Introducing Cycling Apparel at!

We've been doing bike bags for a little while now.  You cycling backpacks, bike hip bags, cycling tool rolls, bike messenger bags, and other pretty rad stuff like that.  After a little while we thought we'd expand into a few apparel items you could use on your ride, or even just to represent your love of cycling.

We're extremely proud and exited to introduce our newest collection of urban cycling tees and cycling caps.  So without further ado, here are some of these great new items we're adding to the collection:

1. Handmade Cycling Caps from Ellum Bag Works

These handmade cycling caps are great super lightweight allowing for maximum breathability for daily use.  They're great for helping keep you cool and dry on those hot rides! 

Each one is individually handmade by Jewel from Ellum Bag Works in Dallas, Texas!

handmade cycling cap

black cycling cap

 2. Share the Road Cycling Tee 

This cycling tee is designed and printed locally in Prince Edward Island, Canada.  The shirt was inspired by the need for all road users to share the road in harmony.  Cyclists, pedestrians, cars, buses, trains, etc.  

Cyclists are wheel people too.  You got that right. 

Share the road

3. Original Tees

We've even got a few original designs of our own. 

The first here is inspired by New York City.  Cycling in the city and using it for your daily transport, just like you might use the subway system.  It's your own personal transit.  #Bikenyc!

The second is your YOLO shirt.  Because, I mean...why not?

bikenyc shirt

yolo bike shirt


What other types of cycling apparel do you use?  Jerseys?  Bike shorts? Or more casual tees to represent the love of cycling?