Gift Cards Now Available!

Oct 31, 2014 0 Comments
Gift Cards Now Available!

Short and to the point blog post :) 

We've just added gift cards to to our site, so you can pick up a gift for that cycling fan in your lift.  Gift cards can be used on anything on our site and are available at a range of prices.  Think about all of the awesome things you're friend or family member could get with one of these amazing gift cards:

1. Bike Tool Roll

2. Shiny New Handmade Backpack

3. Amazing New Pannier

4. More Gift Cards!!!

5. Bicycle Wine Rack 


and all of the ways they'll probably thank you:


1. Get you a new bike!

2. Give you a kiss! (if you want, otherwise they won't)

3. Give you a hug! (you want one)

4. Give you a bike shop gift card!

5. Take you out for brunch!


OOOOOOOH how awesome!


Get you Bike Shop Gift Card now :)


Thanks, Team