Awesome New Bike Panniers

Mar 03, 2015 0 Comments
Awesome New Bike Panniers

We're constantly on the search for the newest, coolest, handmade bike bags out there.  We want to find people that are putting their love into every thing that they make, so we can show them off here at them off to you.  

This is what we're always so proud to be able to do.

Here are a few of our newest panniers from Paris Packs that we know you'll love.  Not only are these completely handmade canvas panniers, handmade in California, they are very reasonably priced at only $39 a pannier.

Black Paris Packs Cycling Panniers

These are simple and stylish black panniers by Parish Packs.  We're so excited to be able to offer these bags, with a rip stop inner lining and carrying strap.  The inner lining is unique to the black panniers. 

-These babies are now $44 because of an new rip stop inner lining. 

Grey Bike Panniers By Paris Packs

A beautiful pair of Paris Pack bike panniers.  Perfect for any city bike commuter, these beautiful panniers will help you get from A to B with all your things.  Use the carrying strap to easily take your pannier off of your bike rack. 

Olive Panniers by Paris Packs

Another spectacular set of cycling panniers from Shawn Paris.  These bags are honestly so awesome in every color, and each bag is individually handmade with love, just for!

You can see here that the back of the pannier uses a metal hook and J-hook combo to attach securely and safely to your bike rack for easy riding, and easy on and off!


Find other panniers on our site here if you're interested.  

What types of bags do you like to use while cycling?