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We've been working with Vaya Bags for a few years now, and just wanted to write a little bit about them, to give a background on this awesome company.  We truly enjoy having the privilege of working with them on bringing hand crafted cycling products to the world. 

Vaya Bags was started by Tianna Meilinger when she began to make bags for herself out of a love for art / creation, up-cycling, and of course--necessity.  Tianna began to build amazing, well constructed bags by hand for herself and friends before Vaya Bags was really born into what it is today. 

With extensive experience in sowing and design, and environmental science, Tia wanted to bring not only high quality messenger bags to the people(!) but also do this in an environmentally conscious way.  Way ahead of the curve, on something that is quite popular today, Tia began to source local and recycled materials to build Vaya Bags.

It's likely that you're familiar with some of their products made out of recycled bike tubes, but Vaya Bags also sources recycled sailboat canvas, which is heavy duty, and fully waterproof, as the base fabric for their messenger bags and panniers.

This up-cycling and recycling culture built by Vaya Bags is an integral part of their unique contribution to the work and to the bike commuting culture.  These products are meant as functional, beautiful, fashion pieces to use every day.  

Hope this introduction gave you a great understanding of the Vaya Bags background! 

Ride on,

The Team

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