Cycling With Kids

Mar 28, 2015 0 Comments
Cycling With Kids

On every bike commute, I find myself really inspired by the parents biking to school with their kids.  I love the idea of this--getting fresh air with your children each morning--there is something very personal about it.  Just a great way to spend time each day with your child. 

In honor of this is a post on some of the different ways you can bike with children.  Here are some of those ways:

1. The Xtracycle

Xtracycle's are made especially for city riding, and riding with cargo.  That cargo could be anything from groceries to children. 


2. A Bike Seat

Riding with a bike seat can make a lot of sense for parents with a young child.  There are a lot of different types of bike seats that can be attached to the front of your bike or back.  Whatever your most comfortable with, or your bike is best built for can help you make the right choice for you. 

You can checkout a selection of bike seats for kids here at REI. 



3. Tandem Bike or Trailer Bike

Tandem and trailer bikes allow you and your child to pedal together.  This allows the child some freedom and doesn't put all of the pressure on the parent to cary the weight. 

This is a great opportunity also to begin training a child to bike on their own, since the parent is still controlling the balance and overall speed of the bike.

4. Bike Trailer

A bike trailer is definitely luxurious for the passenger.  Comfortably hanging in the back, this is a nice option for your younger kids.  Some are made to carry more than one child as well, allowing you to easily port them around town.

5. Let them bike alone

When your child gets to a certain age, you can let them off the bike trailer and have them bike on their own.  This is something I do see a lot with parents and children going to school, and takes the most skill/independence on the part of the child, and the most trust on the part of the parent.


How do you bike with your kids?

On to you!  How do you bike with children?  Or what other ways of cycling with kids have you seen out there on your rides?