The Best Bike Lights

Mar 29, 2015 0 Comments
The Best Bike Lights

As a cyclists, your bike lights are your best friends.  Yes, you had two best friends, and your love is split fairly between them.  One is red, and one is white, and their both great.

A bike light help you see the road better, helps you be seen by other cyclists, drivers, buses and more.  Front and rear bike lights are without a doubt an essential of any cyclists kit for being seen clearly at night.

There are some of our top picks for bike lights.  


1. Cygolite Metro 360

This bike light combines some of the top things we look for in a strong light:

1) Plenty of lumens to be seen by others easily in very dark or even better lit night streets -> 360 Lumens
2) Affordable price around $50 bucks
3) USB rechargeable - so you don't need to worry about buying batteries. 


2. Urban Bike Light - Exposure Sirius Mk3

This is a specialty bike light built by Exposure specifically for urban environments.  This is a great commuter bike light that costs a bit more than the Cygolite, but has a hefty 400 lumens. 

The Mk3 is also USB rechargeable and lasts anywhere from 2-36hrs depending on intensity. If you're looking for a rural bike light, check out the next one by Exposure also. 



3. Rural / Mountain Bike Light - Diablo Mk6

The Diablo Mk6 is perfect for late night mountain biking or long rural rides home where you need a lot of illumination.  At a ridiculous 1300 lumens you won't be strapped for light!  Depending on power this thing will last anywhere from an hour to 24 hours.



4. Knog Blinder

The Knog Blinder is great for an urban commuter, and is an awesome affordable choice.  At a strong 80 lumens, be seen at 800 meters or more.  Wrap around strap is easy to mount on and take off of your bike which is great when making stops on your bike.


1. Cygolite Hotshot 

The Cygolite Hotshot bike light is USB rechargeable, has a strong 2 watt LED light, 5 flash modes to pick from, and has programmable functionality to allow you to choose the speed in which it flashes. You want your tail light to be solid, and easy to see, so you don't need to worry about it.  This can be mounted to either your clothing/bike backpack or bike seat. 

And always be sure to place it in a visible spot on your bike. 


2. Serfas Thunderbolt USB Taillight

This happens to be the rear bike light that I use every day.  The light is super bright, lasts for a few days with USB recharge, is very affordable, and easy to take on and off of your bike.  Place it on your seat post, backpack or bike messenger bag, throw it on a saddlebag, or your bike rack. 


3. Knog Blinder Tail Light

The Knog Blinder Tail Light is a high quality and easy to use tail light for any bike commuter.  Similar to it's sister piece the front light, it is bright, UBS rechargeable, and easy to mount and take off of your bike. The bike light has a 3 hour burn time with a constant beam and up to 50 hours with the eco strobe. 


Which bike lights do you enjoy using?  Any bike lights you like in particular that are not on this list? Let us know and we'll add them!

- The Team!