Bike Trunk Bags - Read All About Um'

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Bike Trunk Bags - Read All About Um'

One of our favorite urban cycling bags is the bike trunk bag, or rack bag--and we carry one from one of our favorite makers of bike bags--Ironweed Bicycle Products.  We know that often people have questions about these bags, or what they're used for, so we wanted to write a post about just that!

What are bicycle trunk bags / rack bags?

Bike trunk bags are bags that attach to the top of your bike rack, and given the name, "trunk," they are typically attached to the rear rack of your bike as if it were the trunk of car. 

How do you use a trunk bag?

There are many awesome uses for trunk bags, and we'll start with the simple piece of how to get this baby on to your rack. 

How to attach: These bags can be attached in various ways, but it's often seen that either:

  • The trunk bag attaches with 4 straps on each corner of the bag which wrap tightly around the rack to hold the bag on
  • The trunk bag is made specifically to be used with a particular rack, and actually slides itself onto the rack using tracks that secure it on

What would I put in this rack bag?

Rack bags are great for many different items, and usually they're great for things that you may need to store for a ride, but need easy access to, like a water bottle or a note book.  These bags are great for bike commuters, that need to carry a few items back from the market, or bike tourers going on longer bike trips that need to maximize the space on their bike.  

You can carry:

  • Notebooks
  • Maps
  • Cell phones / wallets
  • Your lunch!
  • Picnic items for taking out to the park
  • A ball for said picnic
  • Your laptop
  • Supermarket items
  • An extra change of clothes
  • and much, much more. 

What would you use this bag for? Let us know in the comments!  

Checkout this bag in 4 colors here:


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