The Best Pannier / Backpack Hybrids

Jul 23, 2015 0 Comments
The Best Pannier / Backpack Hybrids

When you start to commute by bike, you'll find all types of ways to carry your things back and fourth from work.  People can get pretty creative.  We tend to stick to more traditional know: backpacks, panniers, messenger bags, saddlebags, and combinations of all of the above.  One of our favorites is the pannier-backpack combo. That's why we carry a few varieties of them. These are bags you'll only find here at, because they are original designs, made specifically for us (and you!).

Here are our favorite backpack-pannier combos that you can use to carry your things both on your bike rack, and on your back. 

Top Backpack-Pannier Combos:

Vaya Bags Pannier-Backpack Combo

Below you'll find the Vaya Bags Pannier / Backpack in 3 colors. This Pannier has a lot of amazing features, and is handmade in Queens, New York. Besides being completely waterproof, this pannier is easy to hook on to your bike rack, and it hooks on very securely using the backpack straps of the bag.  These straps are made of comfortable and highly durable, thick, nylon webbing.

You'll find all that and more:

  • U-lock holster
  • Front pocket to store extra goodies
  • Quick release straps
  • Roll-top design allows you to leave it open to store more, or roll it down to store less
  • Vegan & handmade
  • Easy to clean when you get road-grime on it

1. Pink Pannier-Backpack:

2. Black Pannier-Backpack:


3. Tweed Pannier-Backpack Combo:


4. Mer Bags Pannier-Backpack Combo

This Mer Bags pannier / backpack hybrid bag is really the cream of the crop.  This bag is handmade in Brooklyn, New York of 1000D cordura, waxed canvas, and a waterproof vinyl lining. This is a completely original bag, that you will truly only find here.  Besides being handmade by Mer Bags, you'll find these features:

  • Stowable backpack straps allow you to use this bag on your bike or on your back
  • Roll top / waterproof design makes this bag the perfect place for all of your valuables
  • Quick release straps allow you to easily open and close this bag
  • Easy to use J-hook & bungee system to securely hook this to your bike rack
  • Large interior pocket will fit everything you need!

How do you carry things on your bike? Do you like to use panniers, backpacks, messenger bags, metal racks, front or rear bike racks, baskets, or anything else?

Ride on!

The Team