This is a guest blog post by Arthur Green!

Bicycles aren’t just essential for lessening the carbon footprint of humans; they’re amazing tools for carrying stuff, too!  If you think bikes are only able to carry small stuff, think again! Read on and learn how you can transport light to heavy things using your bike.

Small loads (a grocery bag or less)

Some cyclists take huge backpacks when they need to shop for items in grocery store but this can be inconvenient especially if the person is shopping for small, but pretty heavy items such as canned meat or wine.

For some people, wearing very heavy backpacks could cause pain or be detrimental to one’s posture. An alternative to this, of course, is installing a basket on the front or back of the bicycle. This will take the weight off the person’s shoulders, which is good for carrying small, but heavy, things for over 30 minutes.

Installing a basket on front or back of a bicycle is a trend used by many people who cycle long distances and take in the countryside.

Many cyclists are now changing the dynamics of long distance biking, and incorporating fun elements such as the trending poker runs that a lot of cyclists are now participating in. By installing a basket on the front of the bike, it helps the rider to carry the things needed for the event such as maps, poker cards, and a small bottle of water. To those who are unfamiliar with poker runs, these events don’t just cater for card-savvy players that require people to learn the different types of poker variants to participate.

Poker runs have grown in popularity considerably over the years and are now organize regularly in the U.S. and Germany as well as many other countries across the word. The poker runs themselves usually consist of cyclists having to go to various checkpoints to pick up cards. At the end of the race, the cyclist with the highest poker hand wins.

Medium loads 

A medium-sized load is considered something the equivalent of two grocery bags in weight. Side panniers are best for carrying these types of load. There are several side panniers on this site to choose from that fit perfectly on the front or rear rack on each side of the bike.

Side panniers are great for carrying medium-sized loads as well as helping to keep the bike stable and centered. Make sure to install panniers with a closed top to protect your items from the rain.

Big loads

Big loads are when you are carrying the equivalent of three grocery bags or more in weight. For this sort of weight, it’s probably best to look at investing in a trailer that is designed to be carried by a cargo bike. Above is an example of a freight bike carrying a trailer, which can be detached at any time. Look for one with a solid floor in order to carry things safely.