Panniers are kind of the holy grail of cycling bags.  But, they can often be complicated, difficult to use, or at the very least, difficult to understand how to use. 

If designed correctly though, they're simple and easy to use, fit securely on your rack, and are the perfect solution to carrying things on your bike. 

We've got a few really awesome panniers here at and are going to review a few different systems that pannier makers use to attach panniers to bike racks.

How To Attach Your Pannier 

1. J-Hook & Bungee System


The J-Hook & bungee system allows you to easily secure your Pannier to rack by placing the metal loop at the end of your bungee chord on the spoke of your rack, pulling up on the bungee and placing the J-hooks on the top of your rack.  The tension of the bungee chord keeps the pannier tightly secured on your rack. 

Here's a video to illustrate: 

Here are some of our panniers that use this system:

2. Cam-Locking J-Hook & Bungee

Very similar to the above style, these are cam-locking hooks, which lock when you place the J-hooks on your pannier.  Then, when you pull up on the carrying strap they unlock so you can easily get your pannier off of your bike in one shot. 


Checkout this awesome video describing how this works. 

Here are some of our panniers that use this system: