Top 10: Our Favorite Cycling Blogs

Oct 11, 2015 1 Comments
Top 10: Our Favorite Cycling Blogs

top 10 cycling blogs

We read a lot about cycling here at  Catching up, often weekly, with some of our favorite blogs about bike commuting, racing, adventure and more.


Checkout out our weekly reads below, and definitely share your favorites in the comments!

1. Bike Radar

Type: Gear Reviews / Guides

Pretty dope blog with up to date gear reviews, and awesomely written guides on everything from bike storage to maintenance tips.  You'll find 

2. Lovely Bike

Type: Fashion / Classic Bicycles / Boston Local / Bike Building

I've been following lovely bike for quite a few years now.  We often even post up ads on Lovely Bike (and we don't do that too often) because Velouria (a pen name), writes really great posts on wide ranging topics.  Find gear reviews, many focused more on commuter and fashion, bike building information, classic bikes and local Boston stories. 

3. Let's Go Ride a Bike

Type: Fashion / Bike Commuting / Chicago & Nashville Local

LGRAB as the cool kids call it, is another great blog for commuters, guides for people just getting into urban riding, fashion, and more.  You'll find a lot of cool videos and stories for urban riders. 

4. Adventure Journal 

Type: Adventure Cycling / Camping / Tips

Adventure cycling is just one of those things that gets me stoked about cycling.  Thinking about taking a trip on bicycle, bike packing, and camping, is always fun.  Adventure cycling has all the tips, stories, and gear information you need to get started. 

5. Bike Commuters Blog 

Type: Bike Commuting / Urban Cycling

Commuting is my first love in cycling.  I love riding around the city, supporting and spreading the idea of bike commuting.  It's just so awesome.  Bike Commuters blog is great for commuting stories and tips. 

6. Bike Hacks

Type: Bike Hacks / Gear Reviews / Stories

Want to learn how to add more rack space?  Learn to hack your bike, and share any bike hacks you have!  Awesome resources for DIY bike upgrades and gear. 

8. Fat Cyclist 

Type: Cycling Stories / Satire / Bike Races

The Fat Cyclist is a blog created originally as a way to push the author out of a slump of fatness and into the arms of in-shape cycling.   His writing is interesting, honest, and often humorous.  Well worth a read to learn about another cyclists life, and take on different aspects of cycling / the world. 

9. Bangable Dudes In Pro Cycling

Type: Dudes / Bangable Dudes

Pretty sure this blog isn't really even active anymore.  But, it's awesome.

10. Bike Snob NYC 

Type: Cycling Culture Commentary

If you haven't heard of the Bike Snob, you probably haven't read many bike blogs.  Or maybe haven't ever.  Bike Snob is a classic, with sardonic commentary on cycling culture, information sharing, and general ranting.  Read a post or 2 and get a feel for it.  

11. Streetsblog

Type: Urban News / Bike Commuting

And one for good luck, as they say.  Streetsblog is awesome for local news and in depth stories on the streets world.  From cycling, to shared outdoor spaces, pedestrian walk ways and more, Streetsblog is an advocate.  Get knowledge on the happenings in many major cities around the US. 


What are your favorite blogs?

In the comments, tell us about your favorite cycling blogs, or share you thoughts about the ones above.  Would love to spread the bike blog love and share more!