10 Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Cyclists

May 24, 2013 0 Comments
10 Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Cyclists

Finding the perfect gift for Dad can be a challenge, but if your Father is a bike enthusiast like we are, then we've got a list of gift ideas sure to win him over!


1. Sip, Clip and Go


Sip, Clip and Go Coffee! is a coffee company made for cyclists by cyclists! The coffee is 100% Organic and Fair Trade and they also give 1% of coffee profits to Bikes Belong.  Sip, Clip and Go! makes three different blends for different types of coffee drinkers and bike riders.  If you've got a commuter pick up the Carbon Free Commuter blend, or even try the three pack!  For bike commuters that want to take their coffee on the road, pick up the SC&G coffee tumbler that will fit right into his bike's bottle cage. 

2. Bike Multi-Tools 

A good bike tool is essential for any cyclist or bike commuter.  Many cyclists have more than one for different things!  It could be good to have one in your backpack or messenger bag, in your saddlebag, and in your tool shed or garage at home.  Check out your local bike shop if you don't know a lot about the different features on multi-tools like the Topeak Alien pictured above. They'll be glad to help you find something great for your cyclist!

3. Saddlebag or Tool Roll

You can never have enough bike accessories, and a saddlebag or tool roll is something every cyclist could use.  A saddlebag holds all of the essential bike tools you need on your ride--from your multi-tool, to a spare tube, CO2 cartridge and more!  We've got two saddlebags, and one handlebar bag that functions the same way!  The Anhaica Tool Roll pictured above is one of our favorites, and the Vaya Bags Handlebar Bag comes in three colors!

4. MP3 Player Mount

This is great for a great gift for a cyclists that likes to map out their ride or listen to music!  Your father can mount his cell phone or MP3 player to his bike's handlebars and ride away.  This keeps his cell phone or MP3 player within view and out of his pockets! 

5. Cell Phone Pouch

A cycling cell phone pouch works similarly to the MP3 player mount, except it's a bit more versatile.  Your Dad can place this on his backpack or messenger bag strap, or even on his handlebar, top tube, or saddle.  This doesn't allow you to view your cell phone in front of your like the mount does, but it is completely waterproof, and keeps your cell phone out of your pockets, within reach, safe and dry!  These come in three nifty colors!

6. Outlier Bike Commuter Pants

Outlier clothing is made for an active lifestyle!  These pants are great for fathers that bike to work, and need to look good when they get there.  These stylish pants are made to be ultra flexible and breathable allowing your Dad to get to work without straining through stiff pants that also make him sweat.  These pants are pricey, but your Dad just might be worth it!  

7. Panniers

If your cyclist doesn't have a set of panniers yet, than this is a sure fire winner! Panniers make it easy to carry heavier loads from point A to B. Your father can easily hook these onto his bike rack, pick up the groceries, or travel with his supplies for work. These are also great for a Dad with a bad back, or one who doesn't like to carry a backpack or messenger bag.  Purchase them in a set to maximize space and keep the bike balanced. Check out our Ironweed Panniers, or this amazing one of a kind Vaya Bags Recycled Bike Tube Pannier that also turns into a backpack!

8. Dargelos Lightning Vest 

Being seen is important to anyone that rides on the road.  If your buying a gift for a Dad who rides on the road, whether its in the city, in the suburbs, or a rural area, they have to be seen by cars and other bike riders, especially at night!  A standard reflective vest is cool, or even a few extra lights for their bike, but this vest is handmade in Brooklyn, and it will fit over your coat, t-shirt, helmet, or whatever else you pull it over!  Keep your cyclist safe and seen, and looking sharp.  

9. Evil Mini

The Road Runner Bags "Evil Mini" is a super cool backpack that can pack up to fit into the palm of your hand.  It's completely waterproof, handmade in the USA, ultra-light, and stylish!  Keep your dad looking cool on his bike with a bag that he can show off.  There is even a strap on the back for his bike light when he rides at night.  This bag can fit a ton of stuff when its rolled out, and when it's not being used it's easy to carry or shove anywhere.

10. Car Bike Rack

Many cyclists like to take their bike with them on trips away.  Even if it's just for a day trip or a week vacation, a bike mount makes it easy to take your bike along and keeps your car clean!  If he hasn't already got one, consider getting him a good bike rack, and if he likes to ride with friends, get one that can fit a few bikes!  

11. Bicycle Wine Rack (BONUS)

If you made it this far in the list, we thought we'd treat you with an extra one, and to one of our favorites!  Are you buying for a cyclists who also likes to drink wine?  Give him the gift of an easy, sexy way to carry wine home.  Some people like to just ride around with an empty bottle because it looks so darn cool!  Your father can pick up a bottle, ride to the beach, park or a buddy's house and enjoy it after the ride.  Your cyclists will be the coolest kid on the block. 

Don't see anything you like?

If you don't see the right gift for dad here, check out our entire selection of bags and accessories at our web store for bike commuters and cyclists!  All bags are handmade, US made and either completely waterproof or water resistant.  


As always, if you have any questions or comments just contact us!  


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