9 Pinners You'll Love On Pinterest

Jun 10, 2013 0 Comments
9 Pinners You'll Love On Pinterest

We love to pin.  It's just a thing that we do.  

Mostly we like to pin pictures of bikes, people on bikes, bikes on bikes, and bags on bikes.   Sometimes even bikes in bags on bike bags with puppies.  (Honestly, there are probably no pins of that.) 

In the end, we love to follow people on Pinterest that have similar interests to our own: cycling, fashion, health, fitness, handmade things and vintage stuff. 

If you're into some of these things too, here are 9 Pinners to check out on Pinterest!

Our Favorite Pinners You've Probably Never Heard Of

1. Seokjun Kim


Seokjun Kim only has three boards on Pinterest.  And they are all worth a follow.  Every day you'll find new pins from Seokjun, and many of them are of the fashionable side of cycling.  You'll get great ideas for what to wear while you ride. 

2. Cycology 


Cycology has got it all.  If you're into cycling as a sport, bike commuting, or just want to admire the beauty of the machine, you'll find it all here!  They've got lots of cycling apparel boards, swimming and running too.  

3. Meligrosa -- Bikes and The City


Following Meligrosa on Pinterest is an awesome, but we can't talk about that before we make sure you know about her blog, "Bikes and The City."  Her Pinterest board of the same title has a lot of great character--bikes, urban life, and coffee.  If you didn't know that we love coffee already, you do now!

4. iBikeuBike


iBikeuBike is another blog that we like to follow, and also on Pinterest!  They are a car free family on a plant based diet.  You can find interesting pins from them about living a healthy plant based lifestyle, raising children, and life without a car!  If you're in that boat, these are the people you'll want to follow! 

5. Lucyna A. Smykowska


Lucyna is a Pinner from Poland. She has a versatile collection of Pinterest boards, so we'd suggest taking a browse to see if there is something you like.  We're into her Vintage board, Handmade, and Bicycle Story boards.  If you're into gardening too, she's got something for you!

6. Athena Knibbs


Into DIY? Follow Athena Knibbs for do it yourself, interior style, art, and of course bikes too.  Check her "Lusting" board for all things bike.  We all lust after them every once in a while, don't we?

7. Mario Bento



This one is for the guys.  Mario Bento is into the men's side of things.  From cigars to motorcycles, food and wine, fitness and more.  Mario has a good collection of bicycle pins, and something interesting is always popping up from him.  

8. Michelle Stone



Bike to work is what we're all about, and she's got a board all about it!  But, if you like books, interior design, food, and Harry Potter(Why not?), than this is the girl for you.  

9. - New York Messenger Bags Company!


This list wouldn't be complete without the good ol'!  We have a focus on the bike commuting lifestyle, bike bags, health, fitness, and urban life.  Definitely find us on Pinterest, and lets be friends


What do you like to Pin?  And who do you like to follow?  Hit us up and let us know!