Are Citibikes a pain in the ass?

Jul 15, 2013 0 Comments
Are Citibikes a pain in the ass?

Hey everyone!


We hope you've had an awesome weekend, and now it's time to start the week(BOOOO!).  We thought, why not start off with something entertaining, and potentially educational too.  


For those of you that haven't yet heard of Casey Neistat, he's a film maker and also avid bike commuter in New York.  He's made some really cool videos like, "Stolen Bike in NYC" & "bike lanes by Casey Neistat".  Now he has a new short film out, "CitiBikes are a pain in the ass," we really enjoyed it and thought we'd share it with you here. 



What do you think?  We've recently written about Citibikes on NYMBlog, and we're curious how you feel about Citibikes.  Have you been using them, loving it, hating it, or anything at all?


Do you find your bike is better than other forms of transportation in the city?  We sure do!