Here at we're always looking to find our customers online and see how they're enjoying their bags.  We love speaking with you all online, and hopefully even meeting you in person at bike swaps and flea markets!

Today we thought it would be fun to show appreciation for everyone that has shown appreciation for us online.  Here are a few of our favorite fans across the internet!  Are you one of them?


Thanks Jonathan for being awesome and funny too.  We hope you're still loving you're cell phone holder!


You da bomb Laura!  It doesn't get much better than that handmade backpack and pannier hybrid from Vaya Bags!


It's not every day someone uses the word awesomesauce to describe one of our bags! (Just kidding it probably is every day.)


Whether your are from Winnipeg or Brooklyn, we're happy you've got this one of a kind cell phone pouch to sport around town.


Kara, we love that you love the bag!  Is there more love to go around? Love is in the air.


Wow, we couldn't be happier to brighten someones day!  That's the goal every day of the week!  


Yes, you heard it hear first.  Genevieve has the prettiest pannier bag in Quebec City.  Stand down all other bags in QC!

So anyway, thanks to everyone who shows us support we appreciate more than you know!  Comment below if you're loving you're bag! 

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