Bike Tool Rolls & Saddle Bags

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Bike Tool Rolls & Saddle Bags


It's about that time of year again--the leaves are changing color, littering the roads with greens and yellows and reds.  It's a beautiful thing, and it's a great time to get out for longer rides out on the open road. 

That's why today we're taking a moment to go over some features of our current stock of bike tool rolls and saddle bags.  These are great for those long rides, carry just what you need with you in a light package that you can attach to your bikes saddle.  Keep them simple and functional.  Well, that's our motto anyway. 

Don't get caught out there without a spare tube and the tools you need. Ride with confidence. 

Let's start with a fan favorite, one of our Best Road Bike Accessories the Road Runner Bags Bike Tool Roll. 

Bike Seat Bag by Road Runner Bags

Road Runner Bags Bike Tool Roll

Road Runner Bags is on the top of the scene for cycling.  They're making bags for all types of cyclists, and being that they're commuters, fixed gear bike riders, and cyclocross racers themselves, you know that these are bags you can depend on!  This saddlebag has three compartments, one for your tube, one for your multi-tool, and one for a CO2 cartridge.  Even throw a patch kit in here and be prepared for your ride. 

Don't want to ride with it in your saddle?  This guy easily fits into your jersey pocket if you'd like to ride that way.  Handmade? Yes. Waterproof? Yes.  Made to last? Yes.  Each one is handmade by Brad and Brianna in LA, so you know you're getting something unique and special. 

Check these cycling tool rolls out--only $21 bucks!

We love recycled stuff, and that's why we love to work with Vaya Bags.  Their recycled bikes tube saddle bag is more than just a place to keep your bike tools. 

Bike Saddlebag By Fog City Gear

The Fog City Gear saddle bag is one of my favorites.  Handmade bike bag to store all of those tools and flat fixers you need on the road!  the roll top allows you to fit a variable amount of stuff in here.  Fit everything from a CO2 cartridge (or 2), to fix-it-sticks, tire levers, a patch kit and more. 
This bag is handmade in San Francisco by an awesome dude motivated by great design and locally made products.  Strap this bag securely to your bike seat rails and ride for hours without worry for it loosening up and falling off of your seat.  Solidly built by a cycling fanatic for cyclists!

Bike Tool Roll by Anhaica Bagworks


Handmade Bike Tool Roll

You can see just from looking at it how beautiful this really is.  But, we'll give you a little background on this tool roll.  It's handmade in Tallahassee, Florida--right here in the U.S.A.  Anhaica Bagworks uses hand waxed canvas, and locally sources beeswax to wax each tool roll by hand. Yep, it doesn't get much better than that.

This tool roll is quite spacious, with enough room for a spare tube, CO2 cartridge, a multi-tool, and even a granola bar for the ride.  If you'd like to stash your cell phone or camera in here as well, you'll have plenty of room to do so.  

This attaches to your saddle with two velcro strips, so no need to have Brooks Saddle rings, you can get creative with how you secure this guy, and even throw it on your handlebars!

Pick up the Anhaica Bagworks Bike Tool Roll my friends, you'll be the talk of the town--only $35!

Cycling Saddlebag by Vaya Bags

Vaya Bags Handmade Saddle Bag

Each one is a bit different, with it's own character and history.  Tia at Vaya Bags hand makes each bag with love.  These are completely waterproof, so ride in the rain without a care.  Out of the saddlebags that we carry, this is the largest one.  You can load up your bike tools, spare tubes, and even throw a wallet and cell phone into it.  

The best part is, you can easily load your things into and out of this saddlebag without removing it from your bike.

Looking for a vegan, handmade, and recycled product?  This is for you.  Pick up this bike saddlebag for only $49! 

Our last one comes from a brand you already know a bit about--Road Runner Bags.

The Drafter Saddle Bag by Road Runner Bags

Handmade Bike Saddlebag

Similar to the tool roll, this saddlebag / seat bag is made to carry your tools in a simple and functional way.  I'm sure you've guessed that these are all handmade individually, so we won't talk too much about that.  

For those who know what they want--a place for tools, that's easy to ride with--they know this is the one.  Your tools will stay secure on your bike saddle with a ladder clip, and secure inside with a heavy duty velcro seal.

Have any other questions? Just hit us up!  We always want to chat. 

Get this guy for $29 bucks, and don't get caught without the essentials you need on every ride. Find this Road Runner Bags Saddlebag here

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Are you using any of these saddlebags?  What do you think?  If not, what do you look for in a saddle bag or tool roll!  Thanks everyone!