Top 7 American Made Bike Bags

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Top 7 American Made Bike Bags

Top 7 american made bike bags

Now a days, it can be hard to find American made product when searching the web.  That is often especially true for cycling gear, with lots of awesome products made all over the world.  

Here are though we try to support American bike bag makers, supporting independent producers creating awesome gear!

Here's our top 7 favorite bike bags.  In no particular order :)

1. Vaya Bags Messenger Bag

We love bragging about Vaya Bags.  They're a little brand that's been featured in big magazines, movies, and more.  Their handmade, waterproof messenger bag is amazing.  It's super comfortable, fully featured (PERFECT for commuting), and easy to load up and carry. 

Made in: Queens, NY

Check them out!

2. Road Runner Bags Tool Roll

This tool roll is a run-a-way hit.  From being featured in bicycling mag, to running around town on 1,000s of bikes, this thing is solid as heck.  Keep your tools and tubes tucked tightly against your saddle. 

Made in: Los Angeles, California by RoadRunner Bags

Bike Tool Roll 

Checkout the Road Runner Tool Roll!

3. Paris Packs Pannier

This is not a well known brand.  Shawn Paris makes these bags out of his shop, and we're stoked to be one of the few that carries them.  This bag is a great around-the-town bag.  They're light and solid at an amazing price.

Commuter Panniers

Check out Paris Packs Panniers!

4. Mer Bags Roll Top Backpack

 The Mer Bags Roll Top is a big of a classic.  It's a heavy duty, simple backpack, that is sleek (read: sexy), and can carry a lot of gear.  Not to mention, this baby is fully waterproof. 

Made in: Brooklyn, NY

Roll Top Backpacks


Checkout Mer Bags!

5. Vaya Bags Bike Tube Handlebar Bag

We had to bring up Vaya Bags again.  This Handlebar bag is just cool.  Made of recycled bike tubes, this isn't your average bag.  The inside is lined with nylon to make this bag fully waterproof.  Don't fret with your cell phone and wallet in this baby. 

Made in: Queens, NY

Checkout the Handlebar Bag!

6. Ironweed Panniers

This is what we the shop like to call "classically styled."  That's because these are really the type of panniers you see and "OoOoOoO" at. They're pretty, water resistant, handmade in Iowa, and ready to take on a ride.

Made in: Iowa City, Iowa


Checkout the Ironweed Pannier!

7. Road Runner Bags "lil guy" Hip Bag

The "lil guy" deserves a shout out for being a pretty innovative cycling fanny pack.  This is a bigger hip pack that you can carry a good amount in for those rides that you don't want to bring a backpack or pannier.  This thing is built waterproof, can fit a U-lock. and is darn comfy. 

Lil Guy Hip Bag 

Made in: Queens, NY 

Checkout the "lil guy" Hip Bag!

Tell us about the bags you love in the comments!!

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