The Best Bicycle Handlebar Bags

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The Best Bicycle Handlebar Bags

Bike Handlebar bags are like the glove compartment of bikes, except, not exactly the same, and they're much, much better. 

Bike Handlebar bags can come in many different shapes and sizes, but when you're looking for one, some important components to consider are:

Here at, we carry only waterproof, and American made handlebar bags that vary in size and style.  But we've got a few favorites that we're going to show off to you today! 

The Best Bike Handlebar Bags:

1. The "Bar Crawler" Handlebar Bag by Ellum Bag Works 

 The Bar Crawler is pretty darn awesome.  It's made with heavy duty cordura fabric on the exterior, with a waterproof inner lining, and a water resistant YKK zipper.  This bag can fit quite a lot (checkout the video below), and holds on securely to your handlebars and stem with 3 high grade velcro straps. 

Take this handlebar bag on the road or on the MTB trails.  Carry bike tools, snacks, your wallet, phone, a coat, keys and more. 

2. The Burrito Supreme by Road Runner Bags

The Burrito Supreme is a big favorite.  Similar to the Bar Crawler, this attaches to your bike with 3 secure touch points, and is ready to ride with you for hours.


One large zippered opening gives you easy access to everything in side, and the size of the Burrito Supreme lends itself to carrying quite a bit!

Take this out on a long bike ride on the road, out for a bike tour, or on the mountain bike trails. Read what our customers are saying in these cycle handlebar bag reviews

3.  The "Hitchhiker" Drink Holder + Bike Handlebar Bag

The Ellum Bag Works drink holder handlebar bag is your perfect companion for the morning commute or bike touring kit.  This can handle your morning coffee, water bottle, or beer (not recommended or endorsed ;).


This handlebar bag also has small exterior pockets which can fit an energy bar, bike tool, or any other small thing you'd like to fit in there.  The interior pocket can also carry anything from keys to wallets, phones, or anything else you can think up.  With a drawstring enclosure you can be sure everything is kept safely inside.


4. The Vaya Bags Bike Tube Handlebar Bag

This unique handlebar bag is made by Vaya Bags in New York City.  This is handmade bike bag using recycled bike tubes for the exterior, and the interior is lined with waterproof vinyl.


This bag is great for the daily bike commute, to carry a few things.  Here at NYMB we use it for snacks (because we love snacks), and then to get our wallet and phone out of our pockets when we ride.


5.  Road Runner Bag Burrito Handlebar Bag

If you've been following along, this might look familiar.  And that's because it's the little brother of the "Burrito Supreme" handlebar bag.  This one actually came first, and it's a super versatile little thing.  This bag doesn't fit as much as it's big brother, but it can fit a lot for it's size, and it's great for carrying a few things, and a packable coat or sweater for the road. 

I'll load in my reflective rain jacket, my phone, and a cliff bar for the road ahead.

What handlebar bag do you use?  Which of the above is your favorite?  These are all handmade and American made bags you won't find anywhere else!



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