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Bicycle Gifts -- It can be intimidating to try to get a gift for a cyclist, when you don’t know much about the sport.  That’s why we’re writing this post for YOU, the non-cyclist gift giver of cycling gear, to make it easy. 

To make it easy, we’re choosing products that almost any cyclist out there could use, and would love.  Some of these products would do very well bundled together as well.  When we say any cyclist, we’re talking about anyone from a road bike cyclist, bike commuter, mountain biker, or even someone who likes to go out on longer bike tours or enjoys bike packing.  

We’ll give you a little background on each product as well to let you know why each would be a great gift for cyclist.  These cyclist gifts will be great for fathers day, mothers day, birthdays, holidays and more. 

Here’s what we call, the essentials list.  This is the list of accessories any cyclist could use, and even if they had one, another would come in handy!

5 Awesome Bicycle Gifts

  1.  The Bike Saddle Tool Roll (by Road Runner Bags)

bicycle gifts

The bike saddle roll is quickly becoming an essential in the cycling community.  This is the type of bag that ANY cyclist could truly use to carry their essential bike accessories, like bike tool, and CO2 tube inflator, a tire kit, and more.  This tool roll in particular is special because it is American made, and handmade in LA using only masterful technique, and high quality fabrics.  It’s built to last, and on tight to any bike saddle. 
  1. Topeak Mini 9 Multi Tool

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The Topeka Mini 9 is one of the most compact bike tools out there.  It has 9 tools in one tiny, but very heavy duty body.  This is great for a cyclist trying to travel light, and is the perfect pairing with the bike saddle tool roll above.  This bike tool is used at home and on the road, to help make adjustments to many of the components of any cyclists rig. 
  1. Kryptonite Evolution Mini 5 U-Lock

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Kryptonite is a giant in the field of bike protection and security.  It’s almost unfair how amazing their products are.  For years now, I’ve been using the same Kryptonite Evolution Mini 5 U-lock to secure my bike.  The bike lock is rated very highly for security, but is also tiny in size, so it is very easy to carry in your backpack, even fitting in many water bottle pockets.  The bike lock comes with it’s own attachment system for the bike frame as well.  U-locks are essentials for cyclists who will be parking their bike to go into a coffee shop, grocery store, or bike commuting to work or the gym.  This is the ultimate bike lock. 
  1. Bike Handlebar Bag (by Road Runner Bags)

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The beauty of this bag, is not only in its simplicity, but in it’s ease of attachment to any bike’s handlebars, and ability to fit quite a few things in a bag of this size.  This handlebar bag is made of great water resistant cordura fabric and the cyclist in your life will enjoy carrying everything from their jacket, to phone, wallet, snacks, bike tools and more.  This bag is new to the market and has already been loved by many.  This is a unique gift that most cyclists would not have yet in their collection. 
  1. Grocery / Commuter Panniers

cycling gifts panniers

The commuter pannier is the type of bike bag that a bike lover would use around town.  This bag is has very easy-on and off attachment, making it great for trips to the grocery store (hence “grocery panniers”), but is also great for a bike commuter who rides daily to work and needs an easy way to carry their things back and forth.  Bike commuters can use 1 or 2 of these panniers (often times they’re bought in a set of 2), and they are attached to the back of the bike using a bike rack.  These are so useful for cyclists, because it can be challenging to carry everything you need in a backpack, or on hot days especially, wearing a backpack can quickly get hot and sweaty.  Bike panniers are so popular among cyclists because they can carry more without adding any weight to their back.
These amazing bike panniers are also handmade in California, which make them extra special, and hard to find.