Bicycle Tool Rolls

May 23, 2017 0 Comments
Bicycle Tool Rolls

At we take great pride in the simple things.  That's why some of our favorite products are these small seat bags that make a world of difference.

The bicycle tool roll is an amazing invention, and we carry 2 of the best ones you'll ever find on the market.  These bike tool rolls will hold on tightly to your saddle, and carry just what you need to get through a good ride.

bicycle tool roll

These are flexible cycling tool rolls that will fit under most saddle types, and carry just what you need.  We've gotten SO MANY amazing reviews on these products, and people love how they can not only roll up to fit under your seat, but can be used to carry things in your Jersey pocket comfortably.

Our Favorite Bicycle Tool Rolls

We know there are quite a few options out there when it comes to bike saddlebags, that's why we have tried to narrow down our options and just curate the ones that we've tested and LOVE to ride with.

These are our top 2 picks for bike tool rolls on the market. 

1. Bike Tool Roll | Road Runner Bags

This baby has fifty-three reviews with an average 4.5 start rating, and that is for a reason!  Cyclists of all types love this bag, but in particular it is loved by road bike cyclists, commuters, and fixed gear riders.  Our Ellum Bagworks bike tool roll below is the one that mountain bikers go crazy for.

These tend to go pretty quickly, but we've stocked quite a few to try and keep them on the shelves for you.  Go pick up your tool roll today!

roadrunner bike tool roll


2. Bicycle Tool Roll | Ellum Bagworks

Ok, here's one of our secret gems.  Not a lot of people have heard of Ellum Bagworks yet, but they are coming up on the cycling scene fast.  This is one of our absolute favorite products that they make, it is so high quality, and functional, and it looks good too!

bike tool roll bag


Ok, so there you have it!  Our favorite cycling tool rolls, and also some of our favorite bike bags that are out there today!

Thanks for reading, and if you like what you saw, go grab a bag!

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