If you're riding a bike, there is a high chance that at some point you're riding your bike in the rain a little bit worried about some of your things.  Maybe your cell phone, wallet, laptop or important documents are getting wet.  

That's why we carry a large majority of waterproof bike bags here at  We try not to mess around with the weather! 

That's why today we're featuring one bike bag, that is particularly special.  A weatherproof, waterproof handlebar bag that can really handle the elements: The Road Runner Bags Burrito Supreme Handlebar Bag!

We put a video together for you:

Waterproof Handlebar Bag Video

This bag might be a little bit big for some people, so if you're looking for a small handlebar bag, then checkout it's little brother (or sister) instead: 

Small Handlebar Bag

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Thanks for reading bike friends!

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