Wood Sunglasses

May 20, 2017 0 Comments
Wood Sunglasses

Great wood sunglasses can be hard to find.  At we searched far and wide to find the perfect pair of wooden sunglasses, and the best producers of them.  

After some time, we stumbled upon Johnny Fly Co.  Johnny Fly was clearly making wood sunglasses that were above and beyond the competitors.  It was hard to deny their quality, style and options.   That's why we immediately began to stock their sunglasses and bring them to the people!

Wood Sunglasses

Johnny Fly Co's glasses are not only good looking, but they are made in America, sustainably.  Now, that's the way to go.  We carry:

  • Men's Wooden Sunglasses, and
  • Women's Wooden Sunglasses

Many of the pairs from Johnny Fly Co. are actually unisex and perfect for both men and women. 

Here's a look at the awesome wood sunglasses that we've got in stock now!  These are going fast so you better check them out soon :)

The Best Wood Sunglasses

The Verawood Wooden Sunglasses

A beautiful pair of sunglasses, made in the USA with wood frames. 

wooden sunglasses

Splinter Zebra Wood Sunglasses

The Zebrawood sunglasses would look fly on men or women.  This pair will really make you stand out from the crowd.  Polarized lenses will keep the sun out of your eye!

Zebra wood sunglasses

Twig Stacked Wooden Sunglasses by Johnny Fly Co

With the colors on this sweet baby you can't go wrong.  

Best wooden sunglasses men and women

Ok!  So there you have it. That is 3 of our top picks for the sunglasses collection we've go from Johnny Fly Co.  Head over to see our full wood sunglasses collection here, and find something you love!

As always, just contact us any time, or use our live chat if you have any questions.  WE LOVE talking to you!

Get you pair before the summer time and you'll be looking fly at the beach :)

Thanks for reading, and we'll catch you soon!

The team.