We're a small company that started out of New York City and New Jersey. This company was born with the idea of offering something unique and stylish to bike commuters. Soon we expanded to carry items that both bike commuters and cyclists of all types could use on their day to day rides.


To us, the bag isn't just a way to get your things from place to place--it's a story. As you spend each day riding, the bag becomes a part of your routine, it's a part of you, and your life. Maybe you want something simple and understated. Or you may prefer something flashy and vibrant. Either way, we're experts in bike bags, and we've got something for you


Our commitment to carry unique, stylish, urban bike bags doesn't stop there. Each bag here is handmade by someone who cares--from NYC to Tallahassee--they're made to be waterproof, and specific to cyclists, which mean they're more comfortable and more durable than your standard bag. 


The day to day tasks that you can use these bags for is what drives us. Imagine yourself outfitted with a new bag from, and all of the stories you'll be filling it with. is now an affiliate of Motivated Lifestyle, LLC started by a chick in Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass.