Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we're asked more often than the other questions we're asked.  These are the FAQs. 


1. Q: Do you ship internationally? 

    A: We absolutely ship internationally.  Anywhere in the world!  We have flat rate international shipping policies as follows: 

         To Canada:

         All orders under $50: USPS Ground $9.95

         All orders over $50: USPS Ground $19.95

         The rest of the world:

         All orders under $50: USPS Priority Shipping $34.95

         All orders over $50: USPS Priority Shipping $59.95


2. Q: Where can I find the dimensions of a bag?

    A: On each page you'll find a tab labeled "Specs". All of the additional information you need will be found there.  Here's a screen shot so you can see exactly where it is! 


3. Q: Do you have a return policy or guarantee?

    A:  Sure we do!  Here's the link to our return policy and guarantee on all of our bike bags.  And we provided a little                            summary below to make it easy for you.


         We have a 30 day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee on all of our products! If for any reason you don't like your bag, you can return it within 30 days of your purchase date for a full refund.  Just pay for shipping back.